Our Transitional Services Program offers two viable alternatives to increased profits with minimum expenditures and responsibilities. Our experience with this concept is second to none, and we have successfully assisted many companies make this transition with a minimum of disruption to their current operations.

Working in Partnership with Made in Mexico, Inc. we can assist both existing wholly-owned Maquiladoras with our exclusive Maquiladora setup, and companies currently with a Shelter provider phase into our “Administrative Services” concept. All of our clients under this program are in “stand-alone” Mexican corporations and are NOT comingled with anyone else as is often the case with other companies.

WHOLLY-OWNED MAQUILADORAS: Companies that we have assisted include companies that have experienced management changes in either the U.S. and/or Mexico, and have lost valuable experience in operating legally on both sides of the border and find themselves out of compliance with authorities from both countries. Even minor disruptions with local Mexican management can cause companies to find themselves with questions as to how “legal” they really are, particularly in Mexico with their web of beauracracy. We’ve been told that some of the initial signs of trouble with their Mexican operation often begin with the words “no problema”.

CURRENTLY WITH A SHELTER PROVIDER: Our own business has grown due to companies who recognize the value of operating in Mexico and particularly in the Maquiladora sector and in maintaining low labor costs. Unfortunately, many companies who find themselves with other Shelter providers are often not provided the opportunity to manage their operations on a “line item” basis, and as a consequence are unable to adequately manage their Mexican operations as they would in the U.S. Our systems, flexibilities and experience with these transitions makes us uniquely qualified to offer seamless transitions into our Administrative Services program, offering all if not more of the services currently being provided, but in a manner that allows you to effectively run your Mexican Maquiladoras business without the sense of being left out in the cold.

Call us for confidential discussions and alternatives of making either of these important transitions real – don’t wait until it’s too late to recover. Take control of your operations as you should and make your operations viable once more.

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