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Border Crossing activity in the California-Baja California region has grown significantly over the years.
There are six land ports of entry (POEs) in this region: San Ysidro- Puerta México POEs, the Otay Mesa-Mesa de Otay POEs, the Tecate-Tecate POEs, the Calexico-Mexicali, Calexico East-Mexicali II, and Andrade-Los Algodones POEs.

Three of them, the San Ysidro, Otay Mesa Passenger, and Calexico POEs operated 24 hours day/7 days a week. Only three of six are cargo facilities: the Otay Mesa, Tecate, and Calexico East. All three-cargo facilities operate with reduced hours, generally from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and with limited hours on the weekends. Hours of operation also are adjusted seasonally and posted accordingly.

For passenger vehicles, the highest delays are experienced at San Ysidro POE and at the Calexico POEs, but crossing times depends on what type of lane is used to cross the border (“Sentri” Lane, “Ready” Lane or “Normal” line). The “Sentri” Lane is reserved for users of the Sentri and Global Card trusted travel programs, the “Ready” Lane is for those seeking entry with a US Passport ID Card and the “Normal” Lane is for all that do not qualify for the other designated lanes.

The San Ysidro-Puerta México is the busiest port of entry in the western hemisphere, inspecting an average of 90,000 vehicles and pedestrians crossing daily.

The region’s commercial crossing at Otay Mesa – Mesa de Otay, likewise, is one of the busiest commercial Border Crossing Mexico – US, crossing around 4,000 trucks a day servicing the maquiladora industry comprised of foreign entities manufacturing in Mexico.

Congestion and delays for freight movements and cross border personal travel at the California-Baja California POEs have increased, the total estimate in economic losses is around 6 billion dollars due to Border Crossing Times (delays) and constrained border infrastructure.