Made in Mexico, Inc. is your best choice for “Shelter” in Mexico. Our “Cost-Plus” Administrative option offers total flexibility and allows for operational start-up as swiftly as 6 to 8 weeks with minimal start-up delays. We ease the challenges of establishing an operation in Mexico by expertly handling the many bureaucratic requirements it takes to structure a flourishing Mexico Manufacturing Maquiladora operation. Our Tijuana manufacturing experience assures you of complete Regulatory Compliance to U.S. and Mexico legal and operating requirements. Since 1985 we have assisted over 100 manufacturing companies successfully establish their presence in Mexico. Our administrative experience and your operational knowledge makes for the Ideal Partnership.

Maquiladora Services

If you're considering the option of manufacturing in Mexico, don't go it alone. At Made In Mexico, Inc., we have successfully assisted dozens of companies by guiding them through the intricate process of establishing their own "turn-key" wholly owned operations or providing them with complete Cost-Plus Administrative Shelter services.

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Shelter Program

Receive your FREE Maquiladora customized Monthly Estimated Operating Pro Forma to help you determine your savings potential utilizing our low cost labor Mexico manufacturing shelter services. Our “Shelter” Administrative option offers total flexibility and allows for start-up in a very short lead-time.

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Transitional Services

Our Transitional Services Program offers two viable alternatives to increased profits with minimum expenditures and responsibilities. Our experience with this concept is second to none, and we have successfully assisted many companies.

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Shelter Questionnaire

All it takes is for your inquiry to reach us and for you to provide us with some key information from our Pro Forma Questionnaire that we will gladly send you to fill-out and return and within 24 hours.

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Why risk the pitfalls of operating in a foreign company by manufacturing in Mexico? Inexpensive labor, possible duty-free importation into Mexico, favorable U.S. tariffs, reduced freight cost and turnaround time, and more – competitive advantages abound with Maquiladoras. Unfortunately, so does red tape. That’s where the experts at Made In Mexico, Inc. come in..

A full-service Maquiladoras Management company based in San Diego, California, Made In Mexico, Inc. has maximized profits for dozens of companies by carefully guiding them through the steps to successful Mexico manufacturing and assisting them with nearshore outsourcing options.

Our long-standing, active involvement with key associations and lobbying groups in Mexico and in the United States has earned us valuable contacts with Mexican government officials. Our knowledge of Mexico, and of the greater Tijuana area in particular, affords us keen insight to industry sector trends and sensitive cultural differences; and our unparalleled expertise regarding Maquiladoras enables us to ensure compliance with local laws south of the border.

With a combined total of over 70 years of experience in Mexico manufacturing, the U.S. Management team at Made In Mexico, Inc. are uniquely qualified to help your organization realize manufacturing cost savings.

Made In Mexico, Inc. offers a full range of Mexico manufacturing services with Maquiladoras in all specializations, including: data capture, general assemblies, packaging, refurbishing, and more. Choose from our three flexible program options, all of which can be easily customized to meet your company’s specific needs:

Maquiladora: (mäkelädo´rä ) n. Synonymous with Mexico manufacturing, maquiladoras are Mexican assembly plants that manufacture finished goods for export. Maquiladoras are generally owned by non-Mexican corporations that take advantage of low-cost Mexican labor, advantageous tariff regulations, and close proximity to U.S markets. Maquiladoras are one of Mexico primary sources of foreign exchange.

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The Tecma Group of Companies acquires Made in Mexico, Inc.

The emergence of a dominant US-Mexico border region provider of Mexican shelter services is the result of the acquisition of Made in Mexico, Inc. by the El Paso, Texas-based Tecma Group of Companies.

The Tecma Group of Companies is pleased to announce that it has established a permanent and sizable presence in one of the US-Mexico border’s most dynamic and fastest growing manufacturing centers: Tijuana, Baja California. The decision to commit to the creation of an ongoing operation in Tijuana was made as a result of a steadily expanding demand for Tecma’s services by manufacturers in Mexico’s westernmost state, and was achieved through Tecma’s acquisition of Made in Mexico, Inc. The purchase was completed on October 1st.

A message from the Tecma Group of Company’s co-founder, president and CEO:

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